Creating and Engaging with an Online Community

In January 2016 Cota joined Twitter and Youtube! Our aim was to grow an online community, maintain an active presence, and engage with other influencers that champion the same values and vision we have.

We were delighted to see our numbers grow each month, as Cota's tweets reached new audiences and connected us to other wonderful groups, organizations, and initiatives across the city.

Why Social Media?

Maintaining an active presence online has allowed us to contribute to several pillars in our Strategic Plan (2016-2021). Sharing stories about our staff online and recognizing the hard work that they do each day has been very rewarding for the organization as more and more employees are excitedly sharing content. This has also opened doors for other organizations and groups to tweet about us and share our stories of impact.

Both actions have allowed us to demonstrate our value as an engaged community health organization, and we look forward to growing our outreach even further in the next fiscal year.

Measuring the Impact of our Footprint Online

Both online platforms allow us to measure our stories of success and impact (analytics) through reach, engagement, and mentions with a growing network of followers. 

Twitter Reach


Twitter Following


Twitter Mentions


Youtube Views