Last year, Cota stepped up as one of three Intensive Case Manager (ICM) providers and participated in the Rapid Response pilot program initiated by The Access Point. The pilot was designed to divert people from a long intensive case management waitlist by connecting them with ten weeks of short-term case management service at the point of application. CMHA and Toronto North Support Services are the other two ICM providers who participated with Cota last fiscal year.

“Because of the Rapid Response program, 150 people were diverted from the Intensive Case Management waitlist into immediate service. The program also demonstrated that many people benefit from short-term service - roughly half of the people who received Rapid Response had their needs met within ten weeks of service" reported Karen Mann (Executive Director, The Acces Point).

Cota supported 86 people through this Rapid Response pilot.

Of the 86 people that received ICM services from Cota:


Ada (Intensive Case Managers, Cota) experienced firsthand how effective short-term case management is for some clients. One such client, Mark, received immediate supports from Ada over a 10 week period. “We managed to accomplish all of his goals,” she said.

Mark expressed similar satisfaction with the pilot program. “With depression it is tough to get things done. I have had so many doors shut in my face, I was expecting the worst. Ada was a surprise because she helped me a great deal. If it wasn’t for Ada, I don’t know where I’d be.”


Karen Mann said that, “Cota’s participation allowed the mental health access and service system to test innovative ways of meeting client needs faster and better. This contributed to reductions in the waitlist for Intensive Case Management services and an increase in the number of people served. Cota’s flexibility and willingness to collaborate as we design new programs has big impacts on clients and the system.”