Four Cota programs are making concerted efforts to improve food security for our clients: the Short Term Residential Beds (STRB) program, Acquired Brain Injury Adult Day Service (ABI ADS) program, Bailey House (BH), and Collegeview (CV). Those efforts have helped:


STRB Food Program

Cota’s previous fundraising efforts through the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge, a recent internal reallocation of resources and the very valued contributions food from Second Harvest and other partners/donors have allowed us to enhance the meal program that we offer to clients of our Short-Term Residential Beds (STRB) program. We are happy to report that we are now able to provide clients breakfast, a light lunch and dinner seven days a week, at no cost to them.

“The food is amazing, and the staff are really kind and helpful. There are good sized portions at dinner and it’s very tasty,” said *Nick (former STRB client).

Clients are asked to fill out satisfaction surveys, which allow us to measure the impact of the STRB food program. “Our goal is to receive top satisfaction ratings from all our clients,” said Robert Abbatangelo (Director, Community Health Services). Ryan White (Manager, Community Health) looks forward to translating client feedback into actions that improve overall food security at the STRB program. “Staff are friendly, there’s lots of food, and all is good,” said *Abdul (former STRB client).


*This is not the name of the clients, but they have agreed to share their story and wish to remain annonymous.

Acquired Brain Injury Adult Day Service (ABI ADS) Food Program

The ABI ADS light food program was introduced this past fiscal year and offers a light lunch daily and one hearty meal on Wednesdays to clients. It was implemented to ensure that everyone in the program has improved access to food/nutrition and an opportunity to eat together. “Providing a guaranteed light meal to clients takes away one stress in their daily lives. For some, this may be the biggest or only meal of the day,” reported Indramattie “Pam” (Cota Worker).

Monique (Cota) and Pam (Cota) serving lunch

Monique (Cota) and Pam (Cota) serving lunch

Bill's Famous Spaghetti (Bill is a volunteer with Cota) 

Bill's Famous Spaghetti (Bill is a volunteer with Cota) 

Clients enrolled in ABI ADS program.

Clients enrolled in ABI ADS program.

Marjorie has been with the ABI ADS program for five years. She enjoys playing board games, socializing with her peers, and building comradery together over lunch. “Since the food program commenced, clients are more willing to attend, participate, and happy because they are not hungry. It is served family style, we can laugh together and feel like a community. My favourite meal is Bill’s famous Spaghetti."

"Thanks to Cota for the delicious food they prepare. It shows quite clearly that for us they care” - Marjorie